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Nibby | 2016-05-15
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Chelsia | 2016-05-14
Ironically this reminded alot of what Michael Bay would pr.olcedAuot of unfitting military action, booming soundtrack, poorly paced script, wooding acting and pointless cameos. Hell in this 18 minute video Sonic only appears for 5 of them.I think we can expect more from both Hollywood and fan films
Loren | 2016-05-13
The problem here is that we have an au pair. So sometimes I’ll be dashing to the loo while the au pair is around, and both kids will come crashing in with a “Hi daddy! Is that your peepee? You have a boy pee&pe.e#8221; All the while I’m trying, somehow, to address the open door situation whilst other things are still in progress. [url=]refbntvbcck[/url] [link=]txiuydbck[/link]
Mauve | 2016-05-12
Thanks for sharing your ideas! I would appreciate tho if yo1u782&#;d elaborate more on the matter as I think it does lack something here and there. No offence meant.
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