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Tike | 2016-05-15
Tea Party movement needs another flashpoint like Obamacare to become properly energized ag3anDon&#i9;t worry, that will come. When they begin pushing Tax & Cap & the like after they become lame ducks, there will be plenty to energize them. Unfortunately, I don't think it will just be noisy peaceful rallies this time. [url=]cxtafycqb[/url] [link=]uxdweszn[/link]
Jetson | 2016-05-14
Great idea!You mention only file:// or localhost:// url’s is there a plan to support a non local url, i.e the same url as already specified in the project when I right click and ‘open in a br;2esrw17o?In my case I open WS for editing to a shared folder on a local net server, this is specified in the project so when I open the file in a browser it is the url of my local server not localhost.
Ladainian | 2016-05-12
Comme je le dis à Niki, je crois qu’il faut se méfier d’un jugement définitif. C’est le premier tome d’une série. Il faut attendre que l&8uu17;a#te2r se soit bien installer … pour dire quelque chose. C’est ce que j’ai ressenti à la première lecture.
Erwin | 2013-08-12
I didn't know she had cancer, and I wneodred where she'd been. If her family is reading this, my deepest sympathies to you. She was a lively and clear voice on this site for so long. Her posts here and on Pat Lang's site had intellectual rigor, and she peppered them with poignant examples from her own life. May she go in peace.
Soe | 2013-08-01
Good to see a taenlt at work. I can't match that.
Ingson | 2013-08-01
Hm as ir masciau apie uzdalsyma bankuose ir kodel taip dabar dar nepadare? Juk tai puikus budas apsisaugoti. O galbut tai galetu pasiulyti ne bankas,o kokia sukurta programa ar kazkas panasaus?Sorry,kad esu šveplius :D
Luiza | 2013-08-01
For the love of God, keep writing these arislcet.
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